A b o u t  M y s e l f


Gyula Kovácsy

Dunaföldvár, 1942. 07. 26.


I've been living in Dunaújváros for 35 years.


I'm a retired civil servant.




I spend my free time with spreading musical knowledge, writing and playing tennis.

I've been a music lover since I was a child, and I was plaing on three instruments: flute, piano accordion and piano; with not much success.

I am not a teacher of music, nor a musicologist or performer, only a music lover, "one" of many thousands.

Creating this website took four-five years of work /getting the required informatics knowledge took about two years/, which I would like to continuously improve according to the critics, reviews and suggestions that I would gladly receive.

My aim was to arouse interest and demand for classical music, and provide some guidance for those who enjoy Beethoven's symphonies.

I am aware that nowadays more and more young people spend their time in front of the computer. I hope, and secretly believe, that these sites will be a useful way to spend time with.


My importent request:                if you are not interested

please pass on the website's address !