Don't be afraid Dear Visitor!


Whether you are quite young, perhaps a fourteen-year old; whether you are older – even over seventy –; the love, listenning and underdsanding of music is not bound to any age, conditions or qualifications.

The analyses are quite detailed, which is needed only at the beginning; the aim is understanding. Understanding, which is the aim of all communication. Understanding for those,

Ø     who are not musicologists,

Ø     who never played on any instrument,

Ø     who are not familiar with sheets of notes,


and have no time, or opportunity to understand Beethoven's symphonies, or lack the required knowledge to do so; still, at least on a basic level, would like to know more about classical music, more precisely about Beethoven's symphonies.

I found it important to include basic musical knowledge on the site, of courseillustrated with musical examples. In the text presenting the symphonies, important themes and movements can also be listenned to; the Study of Form is also filled with examples. 


In the past two hundred years everything has been already written about Beethoven. All that has been collected about his musical pieces by musicologists, music aesthetics etc. could fill a whole library. Can something new be said about him? Yes! But that is not my task.


I undertook to help analyzie and understand, and give on the message of Beethoven's symphonies, of course with the help of computers, making the most out of informatics, semiotics and structuralism.


It is said that the art of music is the highest of all arts. It cannot be understood quickly, as we like to do with all other things nowadays. The textual and musical materaial presented on this website requires patient work and observation, and I don't only hope, but believe that it is worth the effort.


Let me encourage you with the words of a poet from antiquity:


Life grants nothing to us mortals without hard work!”  Horace


Gyula Kovácsy

music lover